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At CATEGORIA PATAGONIA we understand that one of the reasons to visit Patagonia is to be in touch with our natural and cultural resources. Based on this idea we have developed a series of travel packages that we detail down below:


Whale Watching
For the whale watching we can offer different types of boats, such as Big catamarans or small zodiacs.

The only condition to do the whale watching would be the hard Patagonian winds. >>+info

Top Tombo
Duration: Full day
Tour: 400 km. Driving on NR 3 (paved road) 70 km till Trelew another 50 km further south on the same road till entering the PR 1 another 50 km on gravel road. We will arrive to the largest penguin colony in the continent (over 400.000 penguins). >>+info
Peninsula Valdes
Duration: Full day
Tour: 400 km. At the Isthmus Carlos ameghino, the main door to Peninsula Valdes Protected area, we stop to pay admission fee at ranger house at El Desempeño
. Almost half way to Pto Piramides , we stop at a small interpretation centre to see both Gulfs and Isla de los pajaros. (ranger house and excellent spot for bird watching) >>+info
Chubut River Valley  (Trelew - Rawson - Union Beach)
Duration: Half day
Recorrido: 200 km.
Taking NR 3 for 70 km, south from Puerto Madryn is Trelew, where we can visit the magnificent museum of Pale ontology MEF. With some of the most unique fossil of Patagonia, also we can complete this visit by driving to the Paleontological park BrynGwyn (appointing previously with the MEF administration). >>+info
Florentino Ameghino Dam
Half day 200 km. The landscape of the Patagonian steppe disappears suddenly …..a powerful contrast o colours, there red rocks, the green vegetation and the Chubut river make this a unique site.
At the town Villa Ameghino, we have different options, such as camping, biking, rafting, kayaking and photographic safaris. >>+info
El Doradillo Beach
Located at 17 km from the city, will be amazed by the landscape, the width of the beach, a
nd the proximity of Whales, especially females with calves’. >>+info
Punta Loma
Located at 17 km from Puerto Madryn, an excellent half day option. >>+info
City Tour + Ecocentro
Crossing the most important sites of the city, From the commercial centre along the boardwalk until Pta Cuevas , at the end of the beach with it’s magnificent panoramic view of the whole bay. The Museo del Desembarco is a small museum dedicated to arrival of the wells pioneers. >>+info
punta ninfas  
Punta Ninfas
Located at 80 km from Pto Madryn, at the end of this gravel road we reach a spectacular view of the open sea from the cliff.
Puerto Rawson Dolphins
In the mouth of the Chubut River, at Puerto Rawson, the zodiacs sail into the open sea every day, considering the weather conditions. >>+info
This is a service for passengers who wants to enjoy a direct contact with nature. Good spot for snorkelling to meet the marine wildlife. >>+info
rural life  
The Estancia
This is an option to see an authentic Patagonian ranch, to try local meals and to see sheep shearing.
Excellent place for 4x4 excursions, trekking and mountain bike. >>+info
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